Education at The Alpha Generator
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Within any investment portfolio, there should be a number of instruments held to ensure diversification. The benefits of spreading your risk or "not holding all your eggs in the one basket" is well known and encouraged by all investment authorities. Funds allocated to financial instruments traditionally bearing a lower rate of return such as bonds and property are generally placed in the hands of unit trusts or banks. Equity positions can be placed with ease. However, the higher return bearing instruments are much riskier and investment funds allocated must be placed in the hands of seasoned professionals. The Alpha Generator seeks to generate returns in an asset management scheme from such derivatives as commodities and forex associated with futures and options with expert skill and knowledge. Like a hedge fund, The Alpha Generator will provide an alternative investment option that will seek out extremely profitable opportunities while minimizing speculative risk as much as possible. The opportunities that arise and analysed will be shown to our clients and we endeavor to educate them on how to find them. The Alpha Generator offers one-on-one training and mentoring. The service exists to help clients obtain the best results from their own trading. The company is acutely aware of the high risks involved with trading futures and options and greatly encourages novice traders to seek out assistance. The Alpha Generator offers this service at a relatively low fee and is great value. The assistance is perpetual and includes newsletters, alerts and webinars. The team at The Alpha Generator have years of experience in financial markets. They are successful traders who wish to pass on their knowledge and expertise to those who are eager to learn and profit.