Money Management


Money Management

By trading derivative instruments on the open market, The Alpha Generator will obtain profits utilizing two strategies that are on offer to clients:

1. Consolidation and breakout.

2. Trading based on Technical, Fundamental and Sentimental Analysis where positions will be held for at least 24 hours.

According to our expertise, these two strategies offer the best return for the lowest amount of risk. The profitability of these strategies are well established. The results are for all to see on our website.

Prospective clients who want to access these profits will be required to open an account with a respected and regulated broker. The Alpha Generator will then trade on the client’s behalf and will take a commission derived only from the profit generated and the spread (a profit sharing agreement in place with the broker will ensure this is at no extra cost to the client). This should give clients confidence that the company will only trade with their best interests at stake. The company will at no point take actual possession of the investment funds. The company considers ideals such as transparency and integrity in high regard and operates according to ethical codes of conduct.


Our partnering broker that maintains the money management accounts running these strategies is completely regulated by a respected financial Government authority. The trader that will operate the accounts will be qualified to trade and will be personally supervised by the director, Joshua Brown who is PS146 (Australia) compliant and holds degrees in Economics and Finance.

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